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The way in which digital marketing differs from traditional marketing is that it offers real-time methods of organization and analysis of the marketing campaigns with use of different channels that offer insight as to what is working and what isn't.


Digital Marketing

To put simply, digital marketing is the promotion of a company's product, brand or services with the effective use of one or more electronic media. .

A professional digital marketer will market important aspects like what are the things being viewed, how often are they being viewed and for how much time span. This gives them a good idea of what is working in terms of content type and what is not. Mostly the internet is the channel closest associated with the digital marketing industry, but there are other channels like wireless text messaging, instant mobile messaging, electronic billboards, and podcasts, digital radio channels, digital TV and much more.


What makes digital marketing so important?

The digital world is the most pervasive form of media and customers can have access to all kinds of information about a company at any given time or place they seek. This in a way is a double-edged sword as the days in which the only source from where the customers can know about your products and services was you, and they could only hear what you wanted them to hear.

But those days are long gone as digital media is now an expanding source of information, entertainment, shopping, and endless social interactions. So, now your clients can get access to not just what you say about your company but also what their friends, peers, family and other users are saying. And it is more likely that they will believe them and not your company representatives. The need to have brands that people can trust, companies that know them and communications that interactive, personalized and relevant to consumers with tailor-made offers catered to their specific needs and requirements is growing at light speed. .


Digital marketing helps you to manage customer relationships across all channels:

You must realize that while Digital Marketing and the channels associated with it are highly important, but not the point of exclusion of everything else. It is no longer enough to just know about your customers, but the main point of focus should be knowing them better than everyone else so that you can communicate with them about where, when and how. This way you can ensure that they are most receptive to your messages.

But to do so you must have a consolidated idea of customer preferences and their expectation throughout all the channels like social media, point of direct sale, email, web etc. And which such insights marketers can create and anticipate a coordinated and consistent customer experience to keep them intact in the buying cycle. The more you know about customer behavior and preferences the more will you be able to engage with them in creative and effective ways. And all this is managed with efficient digital marketing.